Sanded and finished samples of this batch of blocks.


  • Wood type: Burmese teak
  • Condition: Good
  • Block dimensions:
    Width: 7cm Length: 23cm Depth: 1.5cm
  • Amount available:

Price and availability

 available at £40.00 /m²

To purchase or request a sample, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

07423 816384

Additional product images

Actual Tops

This is a sample of the actual block finish, as you will receive them.

Underside with bitumen removed

Comparison of block bases showing before and after bitumin removal.

Lovely Burmese Teak, in good condition. Pictures show before and after top sanded and sealed in lacquer for illustrative purposes (remainder of the blocks would need to be sanded and sealed after being laid). The price includes bottoms cleaned from bitumen and ready to be laid. 

Burmese Teak is especially unique as it is no longer imported into the country and offered a one of a kind look. Popular for its durability and resistance to water. It is outstanding in retention of shape and durability and is naturally durable, so perfect for high traffic areas. The colour is a rich brown with a warm undertone. 


Pictures show the underside cleaned of bitumen, the actual tops and a select few with the top sanded and sealed for illustrative purposes.