Sanded and finished samples of this batch of blocks.


  • Wood type: Oak
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Block dimensions:
    Width: 5cm Length: 23cm Depth: 2.5cm
  • Amount available:

Price and availability

 available at £39.00 /m²

To purchase or request a sample, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

07423 816384

Additional product images

original tops oak
backs with bitumen removed
Oak Actual

A beautiful oak parquet in great condition, pictures show before and after top sanded for illustrative purposes (remainder of the blocks would need to be sanded and sealed after being laid). The price includes bottoms cleaned from bitumen and ready to be laid. 

It's durability makes oak flooring great in dining rooms, hallways, walkways, and living rooms. It's also inherently more resistant to liquids. That durability also makes oak flooring last a long-time.

Pictures show the underside cleaned of bitumen, the actual tops and a select few with the top sanded for illustrative purposes. The picture with the original tops, is how it will be received by the buyer with the underside cleaned. 

About Oak

Solid oak comes in a spectrum of mellow browns and light cream shades. The grain itself is straight with a course, variegated texture. Oak is famously hard and resistant to rot and decay. Attractive and hard wearing which makes it suitable for decorative purposes especially due to its versatility as it takes stains so well giving it even further options for a totally unique and personal look.

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